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Harmonic mixing gives DJ's a map to navigate the music jungle

By the time a DJ develops advanced beat-mixing skill, he* usually has developed an ear for music. When a song is off-key, such as the vocals in Lina Santiago's "Feels So Good," a mental alarm is triggered. When band instruments are off-key, as is often the case with beginning students, the same alarm is triggered.

Advanced DJs are usually able to ride beat-mixes for more than a few bars (one bar is usually a 4-beat measure). They often don't ride them very long, because the same alarm usually activates when he overlays melodies. He then has three choices: He can forget riding melody segments and use only percussion segments, or he can overlay incompatible key segments and suffer the sour results, or he can program harmonically.

Many advanced DJs are already programming harmonically by a hit or miss method, although they may not know it. They already spend extra time to test potential mixes, and only use those which pass. Camelot Sound gives them a system for easily selecting compatible mixes, and eliminates countless hours of wasted test mixing.

Who will greatly benefit from harmonic mixing? (GROUP A)

  • Any DJ who does not like artists to be off-key.
  • Any DJ with an ear for music.
  • Any DJ who aspires to excellence.
  • Any DJ who can beat-mix and ride those mixes.
  • Any DJ who is an artist rather than a human jukebox!
  • Any producer who samples music. Digital Audio Workstation mixers.
Who will benefit somewhat from harmonic mixing? (GROUP B)
  • Any DJ who fade-mixes.
  • Any DJ who spot-mixes.
  • Any DJ who cuts and scratches.
Who will not benefit from harmonic mixing? (GROUP C)
  • Non-mixing DJ's (i.e., human jukeboxes).
  • DJs who cannot distinguish music** from noise***.
  • DJs who who prefer noise to music.
  • DJs who believe anything goes with anything.
  • DJs who believe any mix is a good mix.

* P.C. Disclaimer: "He" applies to DJs of both genders.
** Music is a group of sounds with related rythmic, melodic and harmonic structure.

*** Noise is a group of sounds without related rhythmic, melodic and harmonic structure. It might be a pleasant noise like a babbling brook or a finely tuned engine, but noise nevertheless.