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Welcome to the harmonic mixing community. As the originator of the Camelot Wheel (i.e., the Camelot Easymix System), Camelot Sound has worked first with Mixmeister, and later with Mixed In Key, to support DJs and producers with harmonic mixing information.

We recommend that all users either key tracks themselves, or else allow professional musicians or software to do their homework for them! For quick and easy keying of tracks, we recommend using software offered by http://www.mixedinkey.com/. For more precise keying by a professional musician, Camelot Sound offers two services:

  • OFFLINE DATABASE (PRINTOUT AND SUBSCRIPTION) SERVICES: Get a hardcopy printout (sorted by artist, title, keycode, or BPM) of our complete (75,000+ record) harmonic mixing database. It costs only $150, including worldwide shipping. Or subscribe for twelve months to our key update email service for only $216, which includes a free database printout shipped worldwide. We promise only 1200 new keys per year, but actually keyed 6000 in 2012.
  • ONLINE DATABASE: Get instant access to our online harmonic mixing database right here! Although it is still a work-in-progress, this database contains most of the information in the hardcopy printouts (above). Both databases are updated with the same information, but the online version allows you to search for compatible mixes using adjustable filters. A one-month tryout is only $10!
  • RECOMMENDATION: Use Mixed In Key software for quick and easy keying. Use our harmonic mixing database for more accurate information on many of the same songs. Our database is EXCELLENT at finding compatible tracks for mash-ups and blends, and goes back to the 1950's. You can find compatible mixes filtered by period (oldies, recent or current), genre, pitch adjustment, and more!
  • EXPERIENCE HARMONIC MIXING: You have all heard those hideous mixes that may be beatmixed precisely, yet sound out of tune like a beginner band. See how GOOD mixes compare with this interactive Flash demonstration at http://camelotwheel.com/

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